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Director of the Center

Director: Chai, Liyuan

Chai, Liyuan, male, who born in Sep. 1966. He is the Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, the dean of School of Metallurgy and Environment of Central South University, and the director of National Engineering Research Center for Heavy Metal Pollution Control & Treatment. He is the Chinese chairman of International Organizing Committee of East Asia Conference on Resource Renewable Technology, and the expert of Intergovernmental Negotiating Group on mercury of United Nations Environment Programme. He was awarded various honorary titles "National Advanced Worker" and "Ho Leung Ho Lee Award" etc.

His research focuses on environmental engineering during non-ferrous metallurgical processes. He has published 290 SCI papers, 11 books, 130 patents and 9 national standards and policies. He has invented a series of technologies, which have been achieved large-scale industrialization nationwide, including "New Deep Purification Technology of Heavy Metal Wastewater Based on Microorganism Specific", "Treatment and Clean Utilization Technology of Solid Waste Containing Arsenic from Nonferrous Smelting", and "Key Technology of Recycling Treatment of Polymetallic Waste Acid from Smelting". His contribution was awarded for State Technological Invention Award twice, National Scientific and Technological Progress, and Provincial/Ministerial Science and Technology many times.

Vice Director: Min, Xiaobo

Min, Xiaobo, born in October 1973, is a full professor, and the vice dean of the School of Metallurgy and Environment in Central South University. He was awarded the titles of National Distinguished Young Scholars in 2018. He receives special government allowance from the State Council for his contribution. He was awarded the Excellent Teacher from Baosteel Education Fund. His academic positions include the vice chairman of the committee of the Comprehensive Utilization of Nonferrous Metallurgical Resources, the member of the committee of Heavy Metal Pollution Control of Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences, the member of the committee of the Water Treatment and Reuse, and the member of the committee of the Environmental Protection of Chinese Nonferrous Metals Society.
His research focusses on the control of nonferrous heavy metal pollution. As a principal investigator, He led more than 20 national projects. He also published ~120 SCI papers and 3 books. He has applied for more than 100 patents, in which more than 60 were authorized. He was awarded for National Science & Technology Progress Award, National Technology Invention Award, and provincial and ministerial Science & Technology Awards many times. He also compiled 9 national and local environmental protection standards.

Vice Director: Lin, Zhang

Lin, Zhang, born in June 1971, is a full professor at Central South University. She has been awarded the titles of National Distinguished Young Scholars and Yangtze River Scholars. She receives special government allowance from the State Council for her academic contribution. Her research has been focused on heavy metal pollution control chemistry. She has been committed to solving scientific problems in engineering practices. Her research mainly focuses on, but not limited to: 1) the application of heavy metal deep extraction and separation from hazardous waste; 2) the transformation of heavy metal by geological microorganisms and the principle of biomineralization;3) highly effective nanotechnology implementation for the extraction of low-concentration rare metals; 4) novel materials to transfer industrial waste-gas carbon dioxide into energy substances. As a principal investigator, she led more than 10 national projects in the past five years. She has published more than 200 SCI papers in many renowned journals such as J Am Chem Soc, Angew Chem, ES&T, Nano Lett and Appl Catal B-Environ. She has been authorized 23 patents, including 9 PCT patents.

Vice Director: Liu, Hui

Liu, Hui, born in July 1979, is a full professor in Central South University. He has been awarded the National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars. He has been involved in teaching and scientific research on air pollution control and resource recycling. He developed the resource recovery and pollution control technologies for air pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, selenium, and mercury. These technologies have been industrialized. As a principal investigator, he led more than 10 national projects such as the National Outstanding Youth Science Fund, and the National Key R&D Program. He has published more than 70 SCI papers, and has been authorized 26 patents. He has been awarded the titles of the Chinese Non-ferrous Metals Outstanding Young Scientist Award and the Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences Young Science & Technology Award etc.