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International Exchange

    Adhering to the principles of open education and scientific development, the center has been actively carrying out a variety of activities of international collaborations. The center has established good connections with many renowned universities, such as Cornell University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Rice University, Curtin University, Flinders University, Nagoya University and Akita University. The center has also invited world famous scientists such as Kozinski, Muir, Yamamoto Ryoichi, Sanping Jiang, etc. as the honorary/visiting/part-time professors.

    The center has established a long-term cooperative mechanism of “Invite In And Go Out” and set up forums for famous professors and experts. Our faculties and students also visited these renowned universities to actively seek cooperation. In addition, the center also introduced our relevant policies and supporting packages to attract outstanding talents from foreign universities.

    In recent years, the center has hosted many international symposiums such as East Asian Resources Recycling Technology, the First International Symposium on Novel Technology for Enhanced Wastewater Treatment, the International Conference on Soil Environment Protection and the Ecological Civilization Construction and other high-quality international conferences. The center has also participated in many conferences, including the Asia-Europe Urban Water Management Symposium, the World Copper Conference, the IWA Leading Edge Conference on Water and Wastewater Technologies, the American TMS Annual Meeting, and the China-Australia International Conference on Environment and Health.

    Our faculties visited many well-known universities for international exchanges such as Outotec Oyj in Finland, Akita University and the Hokkaido University in Japan, St. Petersburg Asia-Pacific National Cooperation Center in Russia, French Geological and Mineral Survey, and German Federal Institute for Crop and Soil Science. The center has also invited many well-known foreign experts and scholars to give lectures and talks, including Prof. Longbin Huang from Queensland University, Prof. Ramin. Farnood from University of Toronto, Prof. Virender. K. Sharma from Texas A&M University, Kari Knuutila, Chief Technology Officer of the Outotec Oyj, Prof. Takahiko Okura from Tokyo University, Prof. Masazumi Okido from Nagoya University, Prof. Einaga Hisahiro from Kyushu University. We also sent more than 20 students to Purdue University and Cornell University, Université de Tours, Kyushu University for exchange purpose.

    The Hong Kong branch of our center has been successfully established at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, which strengthened the cooperation between the mainland and Hong Kong. Further, we have successfully joint applied International Union Research Center for National Clean Metallurgy and has obtained 1 China-US International Joint Funds, and 2 Hunan International Science and Technology Cooperation Projects. It has been approved to establish the Programme of Introducing Talents of Discipline to Universities (referred to as the “111 Plan”) as a base for new talents. The center has established an international joint laboratory with Outotec Oyj in Finland. We have also applied our technologies to many enterprises such as Bol Copper Company of Republika Srbija, Tyva Republic Longxing Mining in Russia. These international cooperation and communications have largely expanded the influence of our center in the world.

Set up forums for famous professors and experts

International Symposium on East Asian Resources Recycling Technology

International symposium on novel technology for enhanced wastewater treatment

Established an international joint laboratory with Outotec Oyj in Finland

International zinc association special contribution prize of the global zinc industry