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Technology Promotion:

After studying the key technical problems for years, the center has developed many advanced technologies. These technologies have been promoted to many large state-owned enterprises and have been achieved good economic and environmental benefits. These technologies including

1. Advanced treatment and reuse technology of wastewater containing heavy metals by biologics

2. Concentrated and safe treatment technology of arsenic pollutants

3. Safe utilization technology of solid waste from smelters and chemical plants

4. Heap leaching technology using microorganism for Chromium residue remediation

5. Treatment technology for solid waste containing high Fe and Pb


Research Projects:

For the past two years, the center has been issued more than 40 national, provincial and ministerial research projects, including national water special projects, the National High Technology Research and Development Program of China, Key Projects in National Key Technology R&D Program, the projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China , international scientific cooperation and communication special projects, national public welfare (environmental protection) professional scientific research projects, and six :enterprise-funded projects. Total fund was more than 60 million yuan.


 Published Papers:

For the past two years, the faculty members in our center have published 176 papers in international important journals in the fields of heavy metal pollution and treatment, including Langmuir, Journal of Materials Chemistry, Chemical Communications, and Water Research. The achievements with huge academic implications were highly regarded by domestic and international competitors and directed the innovation in the field of heavy metal pollution and treatment.



For the past two years, the center applied for more than 100 patents and 70 patents were authorized, which tightly focused on heavy metal clean production and emission reduction, three heavy metal wastes treatment and utilization, and remediation of sites contaminated by heavy metal.


Pilot System:

The center has independently developed 11 mobile pilot equipment systems of treatment of solid waste containing heavy metals, advanced treatment and reuse of heavy metal wastewater by biologics, purification and recovery of air pollutants containing heavy metals, and heavy metal soil remediation, respectively. These industry-university-research cooperation platforms can apply the technical achievements of laboratory into industrial fields in due course and thus rapidly promote the technology. This also provides industrial engineering fields for the transformation and re-innovation of foreign introduced technology.